a custom kitchen renovation featuring black chair, blue cabinetry, floating wooden shelves, herringbone tile backsplash and a big window letting in lots of light

November 17, 2022 - Construction, Home Renovation

What Comes First In The Home Renovation Process?

If you’re getting ready to dive headfirst into your first-ever home renovation project, without a doubt, it’s likely safe to say that you have a question or two about the timeline of a home remodel.

Although every home renovation in Vancouver is unique in its own right, our process here at Roadhouse Homes remains the same, providing our clients with a sense of direction and clarity. So if you’re wondering what happens first or what exactly you need to be prepared for, we’re here to answer your questions and make the entire process as seamless as possible.

What are the first steps in a Vancouver home renovation project?

For over ten years, the Roadhouse Homes Team has served as luxury custom home builders in Vancouver, BC, and so we understand the unique challenges associated with this type of construction.

Between securing the right permits and creating energy-efficient and sustainable designs, the best way to ensure home renovation projects are a success is by planning.

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or giving your entire home a face-lift, the first step in our home renovation process is to carry out a detailed inspection of your property; that way, we can determine the best path forward to renovate your home.

Ready to jumpstart your home renovations?

Roadhouse Homes is one of the few custom home building companies with over a decade of experience specializing in home and commercial tenant improvements. Get in touch with our team today if you need help planning or executing your home renovation project.

We’re excited to help make your dream home come to life. Learn more at https://www.roadhousehomes.ca/about/bio/.

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