Our Process

Often, we get asked by homeowners whether it’s better to demolish their old home and build a new custom home or do a major renovation on their existing home. We need to come out to inspect the home’s structure and discuss your goals, so as to come to the best decision.

With over twenty years of award-winning home building and renovating experience, Dale Roadhouse will discuss your ideas and how to get the best value for your home improvement dollars.

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  • Prior to Design

    We will arrange a topographical survey of your property. We will want to pay close attention to things like zoning bylaws, site orientation. rights-of-way and anything else that can affect the design and placement of your new home on the property. For renovation work, we’ll want to explore necessary code upgrades, strata regulations for condos.

  • Home Design

    For new builds, you may select one of our home plans from our portfolio and we will work with you to modify the plan to suit your building site. Or you can sit down with our home designer to draw up your own custom home plan. For renovations, we’ll discuss the available options both in floorplan and in energy upgrades.

  • Permits

    We will submit your plans to the city office and take care of everything necessary for the permit and approval process.


  • Teamwork

    Our Roadhouse Team is made up of long-term employees, subtrades and suppliers. Each member of the team has an abundance of expertise in their field and they work together to construct the best home possible.

  • Advanced Technology

    We utilize the most comprehensive construction software on the market, Builder Trend. This technology helps us manage all the details, costs and timelines for your building project.

  • Pre-Construction Meeting

    Once we are ready to start building, we will sit down to again review your plans. Minor revisions at this point may still be possible.

  • Selections

    We will refer you to a professional Interior Designer who will assist you with selecting colors, fixtures and finishes for your new home.

  • Framing Tour

    Once the framing is complete on your new home and the rooms are taking shape, we will meet on site while we can still see all the inner workings. We will walk-through going room by room. We will go over everything; reviewing layouts, electrical placements, plumbing placements to ensure everything is placed where it works for your family.

  • Cabinet Layouts

    We will again meet at your site to review all your cabinet layouts while there is still an opportunity for design revisions.


  • Homeowner Orientation

    Just prior to moving in, we will meet at your new home for a quality assurance walk-through. We will review and demonstrate all systems of your new home with time for questions and answers. We will also discuss our warranty program.

  • Roadhouse Homes Customer Care

    A service representative will come to your home after three months and again after one year to take care of any minor issues that may arise over time.