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July 30, 2018 - Community

Why Community Matters

It’s very common for Builders to support the communities in which they build. That is certainly true when a brand new neighbourhood is being developed and built, but it is just as important to understand in the custom home/renovation arena. For Roadhouse Homes, we experience a different kind of ‘community spirit’. Our clients want to stay in their established neighbourhood, but want, and often need a more efficient home.

Whether they choose to renovate their home or replace the house with a new one, perhaps to accommodate a growing family…..we understand the emotional pull that they have to stay in their community. It’s very rewarding to be able to help them achieve their dreams.

We also understand the bigger picture of helping support your community. Having guided our own kids through the ‘growing up’ years, we’re convinced that sports activities are important in helping build confidence, learning to work together in teams and understanding the benefits of good health. We decided that ‘KidSport’, an excellent community-based sport charity, was something that Roadhouse Homes could get behind. The primary goal of KidSport is to help overcome financial obstacles preventing some young people from participating in organized sport. This charity has a network of groups which are able to address the needs of a particular community.

We have donated financial support and attended several of their events in the past, but this year, we decided to step it up. We were a main sponsor for the KidSport Vancouver’s Swimathon at Kits Pool in late June. Plus, we brought out the Roadhouse ‘Swim’ Team to take part in the fun! Over $27,000 was raised that day which will help support more kids to have the opportunity to play!

We will support their next event, Dodgeball, coming this fall and quite frankly, we can’t wait…it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding!

As a Builder, we’re proud to support our community.

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