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We build high-quality, sustainable homes designed for our client’s needs and lifestyle! 

Roadhouse Homes is built on a strong foundation of utilizing learned processes and procedures of a large Builder and includes the very important element of the builder/customer relationship. Clients are chosen carefully to achieve a win/win situation. As a ‘diverse-thinking’ Builder, the company pursues innovations and technology in such things as Net Zero concept, Passive House and more.

Our long-term experience in renovating homes is a huge benefit to homeowners.  

Roadhouse Homes will deliver the highest quality workmanship at competitive pricing. From kitchens to bathrooms, using the same processes as new construction, Roadhouse Homes can remodel every room inside your home enhancing your interior living environment and bringing rooms to the same standards and feel as newly built homes. Or, you can give the exterior of your home a lift with new siding, windows or roofing. Roadhouse Homes also constructs additions, laneway homes, outdoor kitchens, garages or additional levels to your home.

Our process of maintaining a concise schedule and a tight budget achieves a successful project! 

The Roadhouse Team are experienced with the specific needs of commercial Tenant Improvements. With a solid construction knowledge in this building form and long-standing subtrades and suppliers, the work is done efficiently and within the schedule.

Renovating your home in a ‘stratified building’ requires unique expertise.  

The Roadhouse Homes Team is experienced with condominium and townhouse upgrades, having completed many of them. We’re familiar with the processes and permits that may be required by the City and the Strata council and will help move your project through the various challenges.

Keeping our Homeowners and Employees Safe

We, at Roadhouse Homes take the COVID restrictions most seriously. We want our staff to stay safe and healthy amidst the pandemic. As a business owner, we continually monitor best practices while still making sure our clients’ homes are worked on as long as it is safe to do so.

We have sanitization stations on our sites, along with procedures for the site crews to follow for general work, sharing tools and interacting with trades. Our foreman has been given the power to deny entry to anyone they think may be sick, this includes requesting our team and trades to notify us of any sickness.

Please contact us and we can discuss the best way for us to meet, either virtually or safely in person.

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