May 18, 2022 - Condo Renovations, Construction, Home Renovation

How to Lower Costs For Your Vancouver Custom Home or Condo Renovation

It’s no secret that any condo renovations or custom home building projects are an investment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to cut down the costs.

With careful planning and some savviness, you can save upwards of thousands of dollars on luxury custom homes Vancouver or remodelling projects. So, take a look at these creative tips below, and plan for your renovation with cost-effectiveness in mind:

1. First things first: set a budget.

Whether you’re building your first luxury custom home or doing a kitchen renovation, getting a budget in place as soon as you decide to go through with your plans will help you see what you’re working with and keep your spending in check.

Without a budget, you’re subject to bite off more than you can chew, so avoid extra costs by knowing what you can and cannot spend from the start.

2. DIY your demo.

Feeling confident enough to do the demolition work on your own safely?

Then put on your protective gear and save yourself tons of labour costs by going the DIY route!

3. Reuse and pick up your own materials.

Almost anything can be transformed into something new and improved, so maybe think twice about throwing away items like fixtures or cabinets that you can upcycle!

Another way to save costs on your materials is to pick them up yourself versus getting everything delivered. So call and friend, rent a truck, and keep more money in your pocket by hauling your own materials.

4. Opt for knock-offs.

Will anyone really notice the difference between the expensive flooring and the affordable option that’s a great dupe? If you’re open to doing some research, you can save yourself plenty of money by choosing knock-off materials over the real deal.

5. Get in touch with your custom builder ASAP.

Making a plan with construction companies Vancouver as soon as possible is the best way to save money down the line and avoid setbacks like forgetting building permits. If there’s one money-saving tip to remember from this list, this is the one!

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