March 22, 2022 - Condo Renovations, Custom Home Building, Home Renovation

5 Ways Custom Home Building Maximizes Resale Value 

The costs of custom building a dream home or even getting around to that renovation project might make some homeowners think twice—until they learn what their potential return on investment can be. 

Of course, it’s true that creating a home from scratch or giving it an upgrade provides the priceless value of having a space that you love and works just for you. But custom home building also offers a monetary benefit that’s sure to put a smile on homeowners’ faces, too! 

Those who plan to sell their house in the future have a chance to maximise their profits by choosing a custom-build, and here are a few ways custom home building provides that value: 

1. Fewer maintenance costs. 

An upgraded, modern home means new appliances, plumbing, electrical wiring, and any materials or items used to complete your space. So when the resale time eventually rolls around, homeowners save money that would’ve been spent on repair costs, and newer appliances are a great selling factor for buyers. 

2. Location.

For those moving full-speed ahead with a custom-built home, choosing a desirable location sets you up to preserve the house’s future value and ensure its safety and security for years to come.

3. Energy efficiency. 

Net zero homes are quickly becoming a standard in luxury real estate, and custom home building allows homeowners to build energy-efficient houses that sell faster and for more

4. Intentional design.

You can’t go wrong with a multifunctional home or commercial building, and buyers love the tiny details like finishes and fixtures. By working with an experienced designer for home renovations in Vancouver or a custom build, homeowners can create smart spaces that lead to higher resale values. 

5. Credibility from working with the right team. 

There’s value in working with the right Vancouver home builders because homeowners can ensure their house is efficient, up to code, and safe. 

An experienced team like Roadhouse Homes always designs and builds with functionality and profitability in mind. So discover more about our experience as a custom home building team in Vancouver and how we can assist with your next project here:

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