July 27, 2021 - Energy And Efficiency

Why Net Zero Energy?: The Benefits Of Owning a Sustainable Home

More people are adopting sustainable mindsets and making more eco-friendly lifestyle changes that impact the foods they eat, the way they travel, and even the home they live in. Net-zero energy homes are hailed as the holy grail of energy sufficient homes. So if you’re interested in sustainable living or perhaps you’re about to dive headfirst into home renovations, keep on reading.

So, what is net zero energy, and why do we care about it? The name says it all. Net-zero energy buildings consume as much energy as they produce annually. These sustainable buildings are highly energy-efficient, thanks to their ability to generate new renewable energy. Unfortunately, there aren’t many new net-zero energy homes on the market, but you can find these smart homes in Canada and the U.S.

If you’re looking to build custom home Vancouver, you’ll be interested to know net-zero energy homes have been around for about 30 years. There has been a push to support the construction of net-zero energy homes for several reasons. These buildings are not only 50% to 70% more energy-efficient than typical buildings, but they are also more comfortable, affordable to construct and operate, reliable, carbon-free, and better for the environment.

As technology advances, net-zero energy homes are becoming easier to design and build as per custom. These sustainable homes built by custom home builder Vancouver offer us a way to achieve a brighter and cleaner future. Imagine the benefits of building net-zero energy neighborhoods. When communities of net-zero energy buildings are made, the renewable energy benefits are not only shared but multiplied!

Though net-zero energy homes have been around for some time, they are not exactly readily available on the market. The energy-efficient homes usually are custom-built. So if you want a home that is comfortable, eco-friendly, and affordable to live in, you’ll need to find construction companies Vancouver that build high-quality, sustainable homes. The Roadhouse Homes Team is ready to help you build a sustainable home designed to fit your needs and your eco-conscious lifestyle. We share your commitment to sustainability, and we’re prepared to custom-build you a net-zero energy home that’s better for the environment and you!

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