February 17, 2024 - Condo Renovations, Home Renovation, Interior

Beyond the Basics: 4 Ways to Enhance and Add Luxury to Your Kitchen Island

Dreaming of a kitchen island straight from the pages of an interior design magazine? Whether you’re revamping for personal pleasure or resale value, discover how to add sophistication and luxury to your kitchen island with these tips:

1. Update your cabinetry.

For a dramatic impact, start with your cabinetry. Consider painting cabinets for a sensible way to evoke a luxe feel, or opt for custom-designed cabinets that reflect your style.

If you’re up for pulling out all the stops, opt for a class cabinet or two to show off fine dishes and decorative pieces — all while giving the illusions of a more expansive space.

2. Think beyond the traditional island shape.

We all know the classic, rectangle-shaped kitchen island. But get ready to make a statement by moving beyond that comfort zone.

To elevate your entire kitchen, you could opt for a curved island, L-shape, or T-shape — you name it. Your luxury custom home builders can help inform you which shapes and styles would work best in your space to exude the sense of opulence you’re after.

3. Brighten things up with LED or accent lighting.

Illuminate your island with LED or accent lighting to create a focal point in your kitchen. Strategic lighting enhances the ambiance and highlights architectural details, enhancing the overall luxurious feel.

4. Refresh your kitchen decor.

Attention to decor for kitchen island matters. Vancouver luxury home builders can assist you in adding luxurious touches like decorative hardware, statement countertops, and stylish bar stools to bring the look of your island up to speed.

Ready to transform your kitchen island into a luxurious centrepiece?

Contact Roadhouse Homes, a team of experienced and trusted Vancouver builders. Let us turn your vision into reality and create a kitchen island that reflects your unique style and sophistication! Contact Roadhouse Homes and elevate your kitchen island today.

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